Bio-energetic science is the part of biochemistry that studies energy flow through living systems. This is an active area of biological research that includes the study of processes within and outside the cell, as well as many other metabolic processes that leads to the production and utilization of energy.

Bio-energetic testing is a unique way of assessing your physical, mental, and emotional health in a holistic, safe, and accurate way. It is based on quantum physics and provides a platform for the assessment along with the resolution of the body’s primary stressors.

It is a sophisticated computer system that in as little as 10 seconds, can compare 122,000 electromagnetic signatures from its database to your body energy patterns and perform a detailed evaluation.

On the top of scanning all organs, glands, and systems, this technology can also pick up a wide range of stressors such as the lack of certain nutrients (accumulation of heavy metals, agricultural), and other types of chemicals such as presence of pathogens (sensitivities to food, food additives, environmental elements, and electromagnetic radiation and many more) by capturing their energetic signatures.

“Matter is Energy … Energy is Light … We are all Light Beings” (Albert Einstein) Everything in the universe creates unique vibrations and communicates via electrical impulses.

The uniqueness of the bio-energetic assessment is in the ability to understand, communicate, and translate the language of every cell in the body. It allows the Asyra Pro system to explore root causes of health problems and how to solve them. Up to this date, it is the most flexible and user-friendly bio-energetic screening system. Its software contains digitally encoded information to a wide range of mental, physiological and emotional factors.

Have you ever thought that you have innate intelligence? Inborn wisdom that is perfect and has all the information the body needs for health and balance? Bio-energetic technology is able to tap into that hidden information and help your body to address unhealthy energy patterns and achieve balance by using its own forces and selected frequencies.

These are frequencies your body picks during testing. Even though innate intelligence is flawless, we develop barriers in the communication between the body and your inborn intuition just because… life happens. For the same reason, the communication between your cells can be interrupted as well. During testing, the body has a chance to select frequencies that are specifically helpful for you, creating unique patterns that assist in restoration of these communications. At the end of a screening, these selected frequencies can be imprinted into bio-energetic homeopathic drops.

It is a liquid medium which can be imprinted at the end of your appointment. This is a unique feature that is offered only by the Asyra Pro system. It contains several energetic patterns that your body carefully built from selected energetic frequencies during the assessment.

It is taken as sublingual drops twice a day. By doing so, you give your body your very personal remedy to help to get back to balance. It is like taking all the work that has been done during testing home and, so to speak, lets your body “read a book” and choose any words or sentences (frequencies or energetic patterns) to address specific imbalances and stressors.

Homeopathic remedies are created by using specific substances with further development of different dilutions by using a specific process.

The imprint (bio-energetic homeopathic drops or a skin patch) that is given to you after an assessment contains a one-of-a-kind combination of energetic patters beneficial to you only. No physical substances were used; only vibrations. Extraordinary complex in creation, extremely easy to use, brings no harm, effective, and tastes good!

It is entirely safe. Bio-energetic testing is a non-invasive, pain-free, fast, and accurate assessment which requires no preparation. If testing is not done remotely, you will be offered to hold the two brass electrodes and feel absolutely no pain or discomfort throughout the process.

Your body does not seek energetic patterns that cause harm. By working with an experienced practitioner, you will achieve beneficial results no matter of age or physical condition.

All functions of the human body (or any leaving creature) are governed by electrical and informational signals. Every cell holds biochemical and electrical energy in various forms. Healthy cells have the capacity to hold much more energy than unhealthy cells or cells that are under constant stress.

The same stands for accumulated contamination. Cells are like sponges; they can hold only a certain amount of impurities. These impurities express as vibrations as well. Energy medicine works on the cellular lever to aid safe and effective cellular detoxification by taking care of a problem at its roots.

The system does not diagnose disease; however, it does balance the body energetically. During testing, we are asking what energetic information is needed and what kind of physical substances or lifestyle choices can be beneficial for reaching homeostasis; we are not identifying what disease is present.

That being said, bio-energetic testing is highly comprehensive and, in comparison with the allopathic testing tools, is looking into underlying causes of illnesses and conditions rather than concentrating on symptoms.

No. They are different types of tests. Bio-energetic assessments communicate and work with your body on the cellular level. Neither type of test “proves” or “disproves” the another.

A full comprehensive analysis takes under 3 minutes. The majority of tests take from a few seconds to a minute.

One of the amazing features of bio-energetic testing is eliminating the guess work by looking into the root of a problem. It enables us to create a highly effective plan and significantly decrease the amount of appointments you would usually have to go through. The number of visits or remote testing depends on your health status and results you would like to achieve. Sometimes it is only one assessment, and sometimes it is a multilevel process. It will be discussed and planned with your benefit in mind.

Cells and tissues are always engaged in energy exchange, releasing it and recharging again. It is particularly important to keep cells as healthy as possible for many reasons related to peak performance; from optimal energy flow to your reaction time and ability to concentrate.

Besides improving overall health, indicating nutritional deficiencies, digestive and metabolic imbalances, bio-energetic testing helps to detect “energetic gaps” within the body and balance your energy circulation.

There is a very easy solution to this. All you need to do is to send your hair sample and the assessment can be done remotely. Same results, same effectiveness. Everything you need will be provided for you.

The Asyra Pro system is a non-invasive bio-energetic testing device which reads, analyzes, and translates communications between body cells. It combines the knowledge of different fields: physiology, psychology, biochemistry, homeopathy, acupuncture, mathematics, quantum physics and the high-tech. It is the most advanced, flexible, and user-friendly bio-energetic screening system available today. It dominates for many reasons: from using its own unique algorithms to outstanding library of frequencies and energetic patterns. In case your situation requires special attention and the software does not have a built-in test to address your concerns, Asyra Pro offers a unique opportunity to build a customized assessment based on your needs. In addition, in comparison with the other systems of this field, the Asyra Pro is able to focus on your health one step further by implementing bio-energetic homeopathic drops and low-energy laser therapy.

The underlying mathematical formulas were originally applied by Dr. Tiller, a PhD and material scientist with Stanford University and has been adapted specifically to this system. Asyra Pro delivers a picture of your health status and how to improve in moments.

In addition to being the fastest screening device, the Asyra Pro system continues to lead the industry by introducing the direct application of selected frequencies via low-energy laser: Laser

Energetic Detox (LED) is a therapy refined by DR. Lee Cowden, who is one of the most respected names in bio-energetic medicine. Just like the bio-energetic homeopathic drops, the laser will imprint your unique electromagnetic frequencies as its light can be distributed over the body in a sweeping fashion. The light of the laser will transfer information to body cells in a language they can understand. It is a highly effective way to kickstart the healing process.

The system has more than 200 build-in tests and its limits do not stop there. Its extensive software library contains more than 38,000 items and is constantly being updated and growing. The Asyra Pro covers everything from the meridian points relating to internal organs, food preferences, environmental contaminants, nutritional factors, toxins, emotional patterns, and many more.
Some of the test examples:

Comprehensive Analysisv Pediatric Comprehensive Analysisv Autism Energetic Panel
Allergy/Sensitivity Profile
NAET Protocol
Acupuncture Evaluation
Various Single Frequencies Tests (including full Rife library)
Nutritional Deficiency Test
Dehydration and pH levels
Energy Balance
Weight Loss Scan
Metabolic Disturbances
Vertebral / Non-vertebral Profiles
Inflammation Panel
Detoxification Protocols
Sleep Disturbances Scan
Hormonal Profile
Performance Boost Hormones
Brain Chemistry Panel
Mental / Emotional Stress
Various Animal Scans

If you would like to explore more examples:

Please visit: Asyra Testing

“Disease processes first alter the body’s energetic field and if left unchecked eventually lead to chemical changes and then finally to tissue destruction and/or disease” (Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg)
The uniqueness of bio-energetic testing is in the ability to recognize different stages of imbalances. From the phase before any symptoms emerged to chronic issues. It works on the energetic level of the body and is highly sensitive to any changes of the energy flow/presents of frequencies that are foreign to us.
Of course, the Asyra Pro is not a magic bullet, but this intelligent device, together with a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner, can be a great help to support and improve your health, prevent illnesses, and address many conditions. Please contact me if you would like to discuss the details of your concerns.

Article published by the British Journal of Pharmacology and similar articles in

PubMed: Explore the link here.

If you would like to explore published papers, please review this document: Asyra Research Abstracts.

All bodily functions use energy. The response of the body to energy allows muscles to move, nutrients to be metabolized, eyes to see, ears to hear, and skin to feel. When energy is in balance, the natural structures and functions of our physical bodies and emotional state are enhanced. Around 3,500 years ago Chinese healers recognized the power of energetic medicine and in the 17th Century, stories about an unusual treatment called acupuncture therapy began to reach the West. It was not until the 1900’s when Western science began to investigate the ancient theories of energy and wave patterns in living things and objects. In 1951, French researcher Jaques Niboyet established that acupuncture points have a lower skin resistance than points elsewhere on the body. Objective measurements of these resistances were documented in 1952, when Dr. Walter Schmidt examined acupuncture points on patients in a hospital in Bavaria. He established a correlation between specific acupuncture points and malfunctioning organs.

These two vital findings were not consolidated until 1953, when German physician Dr. Reinhold Voll developed the world’s first EDS (Electro-Dermal Screening) system that could evaluate the body through skin resistance measurements.

However, the techniques developed by Dr. Voll were difficult to implement and, like many innovations, were criticized by his colleagues. But his followers among German physicians and scientists kept working on developing more user-friendly EDS devices and in the mid of 1970’s the second generation of EDS was introduced. It became hugely popular in Germany and spread overseas to the USA, England, and Australia.

Development of bio-energetic medicine has a special place in North America. In 1978, James Hoyt Clarke, Joe Galloway and their colleagues succeeded in computerizing the technique and created the world’s first Computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS) system Acupath 1000. They went on perfecting this system and two more devices were created: Data Touch and BioPath. Finally, in 1991, the LISTEN (Life Information System Ten) system was introduced, allowing for more efficient and accurate testing.

The LISTEN was the basis for BioMeridian’s BEST System, which was released in 1998. Because of radical improvements in accuracy, scope and convenience, EDS and bio-energetic technology gained popularity amongst independent practitioners worldwide, with results now backed by scientifically documented research. However, the BEST still allowed a practitioner bias, assessments were lengthy and limited.

The breakthrough was made in 2002, when Joe and Mark Galloway created the system called Asyra AT3. The latest version of the world-beating health screening device Asyra Pro was introduced in 2009, marking a significant step forward for the technology as a truly flexible probeless EDS device. It eliminated a practitioner bias and reduced testing time from more than an hour to less than 3 minutes. The system’s software is regularly updated and its library is expanding as new substances and pathogenic mutations are introduced to our environment.

Albert Einstein once said: “All matter is energy field.” Even though we are just beginning to tap into possibilities of bioenergetic medicine, we have amazing tools to improve our health, quality of life, and help people we love and care about.

I wish you all success on your life journey and on “painting your masterpiece”.

Tatiana Armero, B.Sc, RHN, Bio-energetic testing practitioner

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