Tatiana Armero, nutritionist

Life can get busy, complicated, and quite overwhelming at times. I get that; we all do. Because of this, what do we usually sacrifice? Sleep, healthy meals, scheduled time to exercise… In one word – selfcare. It can be a situation we can control or, sometimes, cannot. 

It can be related to work, school, family, personal issues, or hardcore training and traveling for athletes.

In any circumstance, it is very important and extremely helpful to have a professional by your side who understands, has experience, and is glad to give you a hand to help to cope or repair as quickly as possible.

This is where working with a holistic nutritionist will give you an advantage.

According to Medical News Today: “What is nutrition, and why does it matter? Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease.

Nutritionists use ideas from molecular biology, biochemistry, and genetics to understand how nutrients affect the human body.

Nutrition also focuses on how people can use dietary choices to reduce the risk of disease, what happens if a person has too much or too little of a nutrient, and how allergies work.”

Holistic nutrition goes even beyond that; it looks at all aspects of life. We cover it all. We analyze it all. We improve it all.

So, let me introduce myself. My name is Tatiana Armero and I have been fortunate to work with people of different interests, backgrounds, ages, and health challenges as well as people who are trying to combat chronic conditions, symptoms that have no explanations, or fine-tune their sport performance.

My professional journey started in Russia, my homeland, where I developed an interest in nutrition and its connection to sport performance while I was competing as a professional track and field sprinter. It intrigued me then, and still fascinates me now.

Fast forwarding through all schooling and practicing takes me to this day, where I am working with a wide range of people, companies, and sport teams to reach their goals, to feel and perform at their best.

Join my team of achievers! Let us work together on painting your masterpiece!

Simply to say: Enter Into Your Vigor Zone.

Tatiana Armero, B.Sc, RHN
Registered Holistic Nutritionist (N523912)
Bio-Energetic Testing Practitioner
Sport Physiologist
Member of the Canadian Association of
Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-Pro)

Tatiana Armero, nutritionist

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