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“Animals? Animals as well???” – you may ask. No, I am not a veterinarian and do not pretend to be an expert, but I can help your furry or not so furry friends to have a healthier and longer life, thanks to the bio-energetic technology I use. The creators of the extraordinary system “Asyra” did not forget about our precious life companions.

Animals cannot tell us what is wrong… They rely on us to help.

I have had success with cats, dogs, and racehorses; the list does not stop there. We can investigate nutritional deficiencies, possible accumulation of toxins, the presence of pathogens, physiological and behavioral imbalances, and many other issues in many creatures: from birds and hamsters to cows.

All I need is a hair or feather sample. If these are difficult to collect, we can always come up with a solution.

Testing is done remotely and does not require much from you. All you need to do is to collect and send a sample (everything you need will be provided for you).

Interested in knowing if the feed or supplements you are using for your companion are compatible? It is easy to find out and will not cost you any extra.

After the testing is done, if you would like, you can receive a personalized bio-energetic homeopathic remedy specially formulated for your animal together with the report. It will be sent to you by mail.

The cost of the test together with the remedy is $150 (shipping fee of the remedy is not included). 

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